“At True Talk Africa we seek to provide holistic narratives and images of sub Saharan Africa which we believe will contribute to promoting social cohesion and understanding in increasingly diverse communities in England and Wales.”

Afua Imoh

Director, True Talk Africa

Our Mission

True Talk Africa seeks to fulfil this vision by providing holistic education and comprehensive information about the cultural, literary, intellectual, political, social and historical dimensions of countries in Sub Saharan Africa to children, young people and adults based in diverse communities in England and Wales in order to challenge unhelpful stereotypes and negative portrayals as well as convey the multiplicity of stories and images that exist in Africa and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the continent and its contributions to the world both in the past and present.

Changing Narratives

Countering Stereotypes

Fostering Social Cohesion

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Educational Programmes

The Development of Curriculum Packages to Schools and other educational institutions such as Teacher Training institutions on sub Saharan African history, societies, and cultures.

Book Club

Book Club/Story Time for children with a focus on African historical and contemporary figures and events.

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Parent of child in Year 5

“Nozwelo looks forward to book club and she enjoys participating in it. Since she started participating in book club, her confidence has grown. She enjoys reading books and is particularly happy to be reading African stories and seeing people like her illustrated in books.”

Parent of Children in Year 6 and 3

“The book club has given children the opportunity to read and explore literature by African authors, which they wouldn’t normally read in schools. It is an enjoyable experience for the children as they get to engage in discussions with a group of friends.”?”

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