“These are a few things that I like about the book club. I really like how we get to read the book with everyone else and the questions that she asks us and if we don’t have any paper, we get to do it all together. I really like how we do it together. I really like the type of books and how she lets us pick the books. I really how they are all based on things that go on in Africa because normally people don’t do that much on Africa when they do book clubs. So that is another thing that I really like. And another thing I really like is that you know teachers when they teach, and their child is in that class? Well, her child is in that class [book club] and she treats her the same as everybody else because like that is how everyone needs to be treated in the end. So those are a few things I like.”

Year 4 student who attends book club

True Talk Africa Book Club

Book Club/Story Time for children with a focus on African historical and contemporary figures and events.

This aims to expose children, young people and adults from diverse groups to historical and more contemporary figures and events in Africa and the Diaspora .This will ultimately lead to a deeper, more rounded knowledge of the continents and its peoples.

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