Overall the organisation will adopt an educational approach to achieve objectives. In doing this the following services will form the core areas of focus to the organisation’s programmes

Programmes we offer

Educational Lectures

Educational Workshops and Lectures to schools, libraries, museums, youth groups etc.

Curriculum Packages

We design curriculum materials and packages for trainee and qualified teachers and children in primary and secondary schools which aim to provide information about Sub Saharan African history, societies, and cultures and the contributions of Africans to the world and to Britain in particular.

Storying Africa

The production of short books for children on
African historical figures and events.

Book Club

See what books we’ve read and join us at one of our book club sessions.


“Afua has a way of making kids understand the world around us and to be aware of different cultures through reading books. My daughter loves the reading club and is always looking forward to reading the books collaboratively with the other children”

parent of a child in year 4 who attends book club

“Nozwelo looks forward to book club and she enjoys participating in it. Since she started participating in book club, her confidence has grown. She enjoys reading books and is particularly happy to be reading African stories and seeing people like her illustrated in books.”

parent of a child in year 5 who attends book club